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Intimate and Non-Intimate Cosmetic Medical Procedures

Some people are of the opinion that life is not only about finding themselves but rather about creating themselves. Consequently, it is not surprising thatan increasing number of people are turning to cosmetic surgeries and other cosmetic medical procedures as a way of creating their lives. These procedures have proven to be beneficial in various ways. For instance, it has helped many people to be happier about their bodies. Also, it has given people an opportunity to change the things about their body that they were not comfortable with. Some of the procedures which are increasingly becoming popular include; tightening of the vagina, male enhancement, and lip augmentation.

Many women, if not all, give a lot of attention to not only the appearance of their vagina and functioning of their vagina and may at some stage in their life opt for vaginal tightening. Ordinarily, the vagina is usually tight. However, following pregnancy and childbirth, it stretches out and is no longer as tight as it was previously. Other factors that can lead to this include; changes in body weight and the effects of aging. Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS) is a condition that is commonly experienced by women from 30 years and above.

With aging, lower amounts of collagen are produced in the body. This hormone is vital for improving the strength of the connective tissues throughout the body, including that of the vagina. Given that the amounts produced are not sufficient, it results in the lining of the vagina not to be as strong as it was. Therefore, a need for tightening the vagina arises. Luckily, the Academy Laser Clinics has the right procedures that can help to tighten and rejuvenate your vagina. Both the MonaLisa Touch and the DOT Laser are essential procedures that facilitate tightening.

The MonaLisa Touch is an important procedure for both the internal and external parts of the vagina. This 10-minute laser treatment facilitates the regeneration of cells and an improved blood flow to the vagina. The process involves using a hand-held tool to direct heat to the surface walls of the vagina which causes the body to initiate the process of regeneration. As a result, the vagina regains its health thus being able to become tighter. In addition, this process helps with lubrication issues, reduced incontinence among many other issues related to the intimate parts of women.

On the other hand, the DOT Laser has the benefit of improving the texture of tissues in the vulva thus preventing a need for labiaplasty. Many patients who have gone through this treatment procedure have attested to being very pleased with the results. Results are usually observed fully after a few weeks. It is recommended that this process is done yearly because the results last for about 12 to 18 months.


Concerned about the size of their man hood, many men are looking for Penis Enlargement Australia  . Whereas for many males having a big penis boosts their ego and sexual performance, for women, most of them prefer to be with men with good penis sizes so that they can meet their sexual needs. Therefore, it is evident that size is a big consideration. It is a fact that not all men have the same penis size. Those with a small-sized penis often feel uncomfortable and this
impacts negatively on their confidence.

However, the good news is that this no longer has to be the reality of men who would like to enhance their penis. Over the years, there have been various methods used to enhance the penis size of men. The Caliber technique offered by the CALIBRE clinic is arguably the best method as it is non-invasive and with minimal pain. In addition, the people who have gone through this procedure have not complained about any negative side effects.

This procedure involves the injecting of dermal fillers on the penis. The dermal fillers can be injected into the shaft as well as the glans. A noticeable difference will be observed immediately after the injection while the penis is either flaccid or while it is erect. By injecting 15ml of the filler on the penis, an observable difference of 1 inch in circumference, while the penis is flaccid, will be achieved. Whereas the procedure was initially targeted to increase the girth, it has also helped many patients who have gone through this process to also have an increase in the length of their penis as required.

This procedure is increasingly becoming popular because not only is it non-invasive but also its results are somewhat long lasting compared to the other methods. It can also be reversed if the patient has a change of heart. This technique is an incredible procedure that has allowed many men to feel more confident and proud of their penis size.


With A-list celebrities like Kylie Jenner being part of the trend, lip augmentation is becoming increasingly popular with every day that passes by. People have different reasons for getting lip fillers. For some, they do it so as to have fuller lips while others do it after their lips lose their original definition. Academy Face and Body clinic provides an efficient lip filler technique through the use of dermal fillers.

After a consultation with the doctor, you will adequately be advised about how this procedure works. As already stated, this technique employs the use of dermal fillers to give a person’s lips a fuller and more defined look. The dermal fillers are injected into the lips thus causing an increased collagen production. The results of this process are usually noticeable immediately after the filler is injected on the lips. However, it may take around two weeks for the fillers to completely settle in on the lips. The great thing is that lip fillers can last for about 5 to 7 months.

This technique has successfully been done at the Academy Face and Body for years. It is relatively painless with very minimal chances of complications. In addition, given that the filler mimics the natural substances that hydrate the skin, it is actually a safe procedure as the substance can naturally be broken down by the body.

In conclusion, the discussed procedures and techniques have changed the lives of many people over the years. It has helped many people who were previously not confident to be confident and happy about their appearances. What makes these procedures even better is that they are safe and are done by qualified professionals. Therefore, patients are not only assured of getting amazing results but also their safety is guaranteed.